Now Available: The Story of Whiskey Corners by Tony Dunbar

Blind Pass Publications announces publication of The Story of Whiskey Corners, a Southern crime novel by Tony Dunbar. Florida history comes alive in this third book in the Florida Fables series based on true and unsolved crimes as told by the fictional Gawain MacFarland. His storied career as a lawman was spent taming a lawless frontier and trying to remain true to his badge in the face of boom times and raucous corruption. He has a passion for the poems of Robert Burns.

The booms and busts of Florida real estate, the riches displayed by Bertha Palmer and the Ringling Brothers Circus, and the corruption, violence and bigotry of the period, are all recounted against the ever-present backdrop of glorious blue skies and white sandy beaches.

As Sarasota's first lawman, MacFarland rounded up the killers of the town’s first postmaster in The Story of the Sarasota Assassination Society and then the murderer of Mayor Harry Higel in The Story of the Sarasota Celery Fields and Other Mysteries.

In The Story of Whiskey Corners, set in the beginning of the Great Depression, Gawain, now Gabe, MacFarland, who has retired as a lawman only to become a detective for the Ringling Brothers Circus, solves the murder of the “Coquettes on 24th Street,” grapples with the gambling and booze mobs that invaded Florida, the “Red Scares” in Tampa and the tentacles of the Ku Klux Klan. And he must reclaim Clarinda, his wife, who had found that Sarasota has become, quite frankly, “too bourgeois.”

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Praise for the Florida Fables Series

Tony Dunbar has managed a deft blend of fact and fiction in his latest novel, The Story of the Sarasota Assassination Society. He paints a fascinating portrait of the good, the bad, and the ugly of Sarasota during its pioneer days, and it makes for a great read.

Jeff LaHurd, author of Hidden History of Sarasota & Gulf Coast Chronicles.

The illimitable Tony Dunbar charges forward with another spectacular work, this time a historical fiction—a Southern, as this new genre is being called--about the most alluring of places, Old Florida. Lovingly researched and beautifully imagined, Dunbar brings to life a history that cannot stay buried, a moving and explosive story of murder, love, and redemption in the bizarre and rich landscape of the frontier. This fateful and gripping story is about the dramatic entanglements that kill us and those that save our lives.

Janisse Ray, author of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood & Wild Spectacle

Ever the consummate storyteller, Tony Dunbar power-dives into Florida history to produce a crime thriller that makes you want to say, “Wow! That really happened here?” Can’t wait to see how the series unfolds!

Julie Smith, Edgar Award winning author of bestselling mystery series featuring Skip Langdon and Rebecca Schwartz.

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